Friday, December 3, 2010

Ready for the Holidays?

Hey, all! Are you ready for the holidays? Check out our website (click the icon to your right). We have really quick Christmas Village kits, ornament kits, and some cute beaded ornament kits. These are perfect for an extra little gift for someone.

Our new fabric for December is 'squall'. It's a pretty wild and crazy blend of snowflakes, stars, and starbursts. Also check out our popular 'very snowy night' & 'it's snowing!'. If you're looking for something a little more mellow, try 'frosty morning', 'sugarplum fairy', or 'snowy winter's day'.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

First Annual Super Spooky 48 Hour Sale!!

YHNC is having its First Annual Super Spooky 48 Hour Sale! It starts on Saturday Oct. 30 at 6AM EST, and ends on Monday, Nov. 1 at 6AM EST. On sale for 25% off: all our sunny*dyes hand painted fabrics! *Not included: FOTM, Sampler Packs, prior orders, or any special cuts, fabrics, or designs.

Also on sale for 25% off: our already low prices on Farmhouse Yarns; our entire Christmas Shoppe, all Treenway products, and all Felicity's Garden products.

Coming this week: bag lots of yarns from manufacturers such as Cascade, Plymouth, Adriafil, Sandnesgarn, Classic Elite, Tahki, Reynolds, Schulana, Muench, GGH, and more at close to wholesale prices! We're even offering discounts on bulk purchases!

Click the YHNC icon to your right to visit our store. See you at the sale!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It's been quite a busy summer! Now that fall is here, and things have quieted down a bit, we can focus on those fall & Halloween projects. We've developed some very pretty (I mean, spooky!) fabrics here at sunny*dyes. Our favorites are 'goth' (pictured) & 'haunted'. Of course, we have plenty of other great seasonal fabrics. Just click on the icon to your right, click on Featured Items & let your eyes have a feast :-)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

What to do in the middle of a hot summer? Try something new, of course! We've had a Fabric of the Month Club for some time now, but we've just added a brand-new Threads of the Month Club. This is a great way to try different types of threads inexpensively.

We also have a Fabric Sampler of 4 pieces of 8"x13" sunny*dyes fabric. These limited availability samplers are great for small projects, bookmarks, ornaments and more. Go ahead! Live a little! Join our clubs & have some fun this summer!

Click on the avatar to your right to visit the Youthful Hands Needle Crafts website. While you're there, sign up for our monthly newsletter & get advance heads-up on sales, specials & new products!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

More Designs Completed on sunny*dyes fabrics!

Here are some more pics completed by Anka M. The pic above is on Whisper, and the one to your left is on Emeraude.
Send a pic of a design you completed on sunny*dyes fabrics, or put it on your blog, and we'll give you 10% off your next sunny*dyes order!

Completed Projects on sunny*dyes Fabrics!

Here are some designs from Mirabilia & Lavender and Lace completed by one of our favorite stitchers: Anka M. Quite the talented lady! She used River Rocks on the left, and English Flower Garden on the right.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Faerie's Mystic Night- 10% off during June!

One of the perks of handpainting fabrics is the ability to custom design fabbies for special projects. Summer is on it's way, and I'm working on 3 projects which will be fair entries. (I'm very ambitious!).
The first is Cirque des Cercles by Ink Circles, which I'm doing entirely in Delica seed beads against a pale denim fabric (pics to follow). I'm over halfway done with this one! The second is Lavender and Lace's Celtic Autumn, which I'm doing in the alternate color palette. I'll design a fabric for this one too- I have some ideas in mind. The third is Mirabilia's Shakespeare's Fairies, which I designed Faeries Mystic Night for. I'm afraid my camera is on its last legs- it just doesn't pick up color nuances very well at all! This fabric has multicolored sparkles, the blue is shimmery, and there are areas of silver shimmers as well. I'll post my progress on this one as well.
Meanwhile, I'm offering this fabric on YHNC for 10% off for the month of June. Just click the icon on the right to visit my website.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Mermaid & Faerie Series!

Here's two of the new mermaid & fairy series fabrics I've been working on. The top is sea deep, the bottom faerie moon. Both will be available on YHNC. Just click the avatar on the right to visit my website & see all the new fabbies available!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring Batiks

I just love experimenting with new designs & techniques. Here's one of my favorites: a batik done in teal. Batiks are very time-consuming- it takes 4 days worth of steps to complete just one! I think it's worth it, though- don't you?

Monday, March 1, 2010

My first blog...

Well, my first blog. Hmmm. What to say? Well, I've been working on some new fabrics for spring. At the same time, I've been updating my website- taking it into the 21st century, I guess. So it's been very busy here at YHNC & sunny*dyes. Check out the photo of my favorite spring fab: green ferns. I spend quite a few days collecting these ferns & flattening them out. We're still finding ferns in books here & there!